Adaptation in Turkey

Another country - other rules. Keep this in mind when planning your move to Turkey for the permanent residence.
For those who come to Turkey for the permanent residence or a long-term residence, our experience and knowledge of the local situation will be especially useful to help to save your nerves and money.
If you are a customer of "Sovet Consulting" - you will have a personal assistant, who will make every effort to make your transfer to Turkey from a troublesome case to a comfortable event.
We are always ready to assist in your comfortable adaptation in Turkey:

  • Overcoming the language barrier in Turkey.
  • If you are going to Turkey for the permanent residence, you'll need the Turkish language in your everyday life.
  • Interpreter services in Turkey, including business negotiations.
  • Language courses of Turkish.
  • Replanning, renovation and construction of housing in Turkey.
  • Assistance in solving any everyday matters

We are ready to create for you a comfortable accommodation in Turkey when moving for the permanent residence.
You will enter a ready-made housing in Turkey:

  • Permanent contact with the developer on the go construction (when buying a property in Turkey).
  • Re-planning and renovation loans.
  • Elimination of minor construction flaws.
  • Utility systems: water, electricity.
  • Installation of special equipment, including connection modules of the system "smart House".
  • The choice of the furniture and household appliances, installing them in an apartment in Turkey including designer furniture (possibly without your physical presence).
  • Connect of your phone and The Internet in Turkey.
  • Systems of satellite television broadcasting and the setting up of multi language channels.

The arrangement of life in Turkey:

  • Purchase of the products and household items including and without your physical presence.
  • Organization of the harvesting, purchasing of the necessary items and products for your arrival.
  • The organization of the communication with a concierge.
  • Call a plumber, electrician, computer technician, etc.
  • Medical insurance, car, housing in Turkey.
  • Opening an account in a Turkish Bank and instructing concerning the use of the Internet banking system.
  • Legal services in civil matters.
  • Organization of safety issues, including personal protection in Turkey.
  • The organization of receiving a RESIDENCE PERMIT, extension of the RESIDENCE PERMIT
  • Rent a car or buying a car in Turkey

Leisure and education of children in Turkey:

  • Leisure activities in Turkey, including children (the order and delivery of tickets to the entertainment events, dinner reservations, excursions, activities, etc.).
  • Nanny, pre-school and school for children.

Find a job in Turkey:

  • Assist in the confirmation of degrees and employment.

During any activities related to the tasks of the customer, the customer shall refund the cost of gasoline and the cost of working time specialist in the amount of 30 Euro/day (except for employment services).
Service hotline operators will help you to solve any of your problems and issues associated with the accommodation or holiday in Turkey.