Business in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa

Most foreign companies in Turkey are registered and are usually situated in Istanbul and Antalya because these cities have been recognized by major international business centers. The market in those cities is developing at lightning speed, giving rise to increasing competition.

Our company is ready to help you in opening the branches, in finding business partners and legal support of business in these major cities in Turkey.

Our company offers its clients services in opening firms in different cities of Turkey, legal support of business, search for business partners, market feasibility study business, consulting in the area of external trade, business planning, investment consulting, etc.

Most of our clients operate in Istanbul and Antalya. In this regard, we propose to consider as an alternative for business expansion, other major commercial and industrial centers of Turkey, namely, the capital of Turkey Ankara, the most European city in the Aegean coast Izmir and the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa. Opportunities in these cities for international business are increased in proportion to population growth, economic development, and both heavy and light industries development.

Business in Ankara

Since October 13, 1923 Ankara is the official capital and the second largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. Located in the central part of Turkey it has the population of 4.9 million people.

Today, Ankara is the second largest business center and economic potential of Turkey (after Istanbul). Its development is determined by the convenient geographical location at the intersection of routes, the presence of significant numbers of industrial facilities, banks, and trading companies. The proximity of the city to the metallurgical base in Karabük, coal developments in Zonguldake and major sources of agricultural raw materials led to the development of the manufacturing industry. In the 1990-ies, there was the first industrial zone, in which up to 80% of  Ankara industry was concentrated.

The Ankara Chamber of Commerce registered about 3000 enterprises. In total, there are around 53 thousand of industrial units employing more than 380 thousand people, 19% - in the automotive and transport industry, 14% are in the electrical sector and 10% in the food industry.

Plants for the production of metal products and equipment, as well as engineering firms, make up 40% of all industrial enterprises of the capital.

The food industry is represented mainly by small enterprises for the production of sugar, meat, dairy products.

Ankara also operates plants producing garments, medicines, and equipment, etc. as well as the textile and furniture.

Thus, import-export potential and business opportunities in Ankara are most clearly visible in the textile, metallurgical, machine-building industry and agriculture.

Ankara is the second most important financial and credit center of Turkey after Istanbul. The town also plays an important role in national trade.

In addition, Ankara annually hosts many fairs and forums. Our company can arrange your company's participation in these events and provide translation services.

Business in Izmir

Izmir is the third largest population (2.7 million in 2007) city of Turkey, known for its liberal views, and the country's second largest port after Istanbul. Izmir is the capital of the homonymous province, belong to the industrial and agricultural areas of the country. Here they grow figs, which is exported to Europe; the neighborhood of Izmir is rich in orchards and vineyards, olives and tobacco, grapes, the best varieties of raisins. Also, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, quince, pomegranate, walnuts and hazelnuts are grown here. Izmir district is a major producer of honey in Turkey.

Ferrous metallurgy; steel and tube mills; transport engineering (Assembly), refining are widely developed here.

The following industries are developed in Turkey: textile (cotton, wool, silk, carpet) and food (flour, confectionary, meat, milk, oil, sugar, vegetable and rybokonservnaâ, production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).

The industries, which provided ample opportunity for international cooperation and investment, are chemical, energy industry and the production of building materials (cement, glass, bricks).

West Turkey is an important center of power generation and energy consumption, due to the presence of both energy and concentration of consumers.

The province is rich in mineral and energy resources: brown coal, iron ore, chromite, poly metal, tungsten ore, bauxites, asbestos, emery, marble, antimony, manganese, mercury, graphite, gold and other minerals.

Large amounts of salt are extracted.

Business in Bursa

Bursa is a city in Northwestern Anatolia, the fourth-largest in Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir.  Bursa has an extremely important historical significance, it focused a lot of tourist monuments of Christian and Islamic architecture, as well as the popular ski resorts.

The city's population is approaching to 1.5 million people.

Bursa lies in the waters of the Marmara Sea and is the main trade route linking the countries of the Black Sea with the rest of the world. The city is constantly growing, the infrastructure is developing rapidly, allowing to develop industry and commerce.

Bursa is the center of textile (especially developed production of silk and textiles), food, engineering and automotive industries. It has a great potential for the development of tourist business.

In addition, wood industry and manufacture of building materials are developed here.

The development of tourism and related services in Bursa is one of the priority tasks to be implemented in the province in terms of the city administration. The essence of the project is to revitalize the tourism industry, for which there are plenty of opportunities. Even in Ottoman times, Bursa was famous for its thermal springs. Now the development of thermal tourism and its infrastructure is extremely advantageous investments.

So, if you are willing to do the expansion of your business or find profitable business partners in Turkey's major cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer any questions regarding the feasibility of opening or expansion of a business, the prospects of export-import transactions, and advise you on the many other issues concerning doing business in these cities and business cooperation with Turkish partners.