Business in Istanbul

Istanbul is the economic and cultural center of Turkey, the place of crossing the land and sea trade routes.

Istanbul as one of the largest centers of business activity in the world is an extremely attractive city for entrepreneurs and investors in all sectors of the economy.

The metropolis has a population approaching 20 million. The city has 23% of Turkey's GDP. The annual contribution to Istanbul in the state budget is 40%, and the proportion of public expenditure spent in Istanbul is about 7-8%. Central offices of the private banks and 21% of bank branches in Turkey are placed here.

The main sources of income of the city are industry are trade and tourism. In the city and the surrounding lands there are cultivated vegetables, fruit, produce olive oil, cotton, silk, and tobacco, a huge proportion of its production is exported.

Widely developed are food, textiles, petrochemicals, cement, metal, leather, chemicals, electronics, glass, machinery, paper and paper products, and alcoholic beverages. The manufacturing industry is also developed in the city, mainly in the field of car and truck assemblies, develops the pharmaceutical industry.

Istanbul is playing a key role in the country's internal and external trade. About 27% of total value added is generated in the commercial sector in Turkey and belongs to Istanbul. Istanbul export amounts to 46% of the total export of Turkey, and its importation is equal to 40% of the imports of the country as a whole.

Istanbul is also the financial center of the entire region. 35% of all cash deposits in Turkey are concentrated in Istanbul while 33% of used loans are granted to the Istanbul offices of the banks. In the city, there are the main offices of almost all insurance, leasing and factoring companies of Turkey. The Istanbul Stock Exchange, which is also an international free economic zone has high rates of growth among the few global stock exchanges.

In addition, Istanbul is the most popular world tourist destination and has enormous potential in terms of "Congress tourism". Here are annually held international economic forums, conferences, summits and industrial exhibitions. Our company can arrange your participation in industrial fairs in Istanbul.

We are always ready to answer your questions related to business and real estate in Istanbul, cooperation with enterprises and organizations of the city, the current legislation, legal formalities, paperwork, etc.

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