Business in Turkey

Opening business abroad is quite a difficult task, requiring specific knowledge and experience. Business abroad is always difficult, and if you decide to do this for the first time, without professional assistance, it would be rather difficult.

We are a legal bureau, consulting firm, the accounting company, translation agency, significantly saving your time and money, so when you work with us you have no need to apply in a variety of different agencies on various issues. Our clients can be confident that their time and money will be spent maximally profitable as you may decide key issues related to business in Turkey in one place.

Turkey is one of the most suitable countries for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. International business here has been developing extensively, although some sectors of the economy still remain unexplored for foreign firms that provide ample opportunities for commercial activities. Turkey cooperates with many countries of the world, both in the industry and in agriculture, buys raw materials and equipment abroad, produces various products under license from foreign companies, trades with different parts of the world.

Customs, tax and trade legislation of this country have European standards in favor of foreign investors; on the territory of the country, there are several free economic zones. The volume of foreign trade of Turkey is growing every year. The construction sector, tourism, agriculture, energy, services are intensively developing. In almost every industry there is a niche for foreign firms who bring their experience and, at the same time, benefit from business partnerships.

All this demonstrates the openness of Turkey for international business and comfortable conditions for foreign natural and legal persons who decided to open their own business or find perspective partners.

Our company specializes in advising those wishing to enter the Turkish market, open a company or a branch of an existing company, and establish business contacts, to engage in import and export activities.

Our services include full support for foreign investors and entrepreneurs in Turkey, which includes design and translation of all documentation required to open firms, interaction with public authorities, the acquisition of property and equipment, personnel selection, interpretation and translation services, legal services for business, accounting, financial and tax consulting, representation of interests of our clients in negotiations with partners and commercial disputes, cooperation with banks, credit, support of import-export operations, customs registration of cargoes, placing orders, price negotiations, market research, product registration, access to international markets, consulting on business culture and business peculiarities and adaptation in Turkey.