Import from Turkey. Exports to Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of world trade because it took a strategic position at the crossroads of world trade routes. 
We are familiar with all aspects of import and export laws of Turkey, regulations of customs procedures, needs of Turkish and other markets, and the needs of consumers in different countries. Our specialists will answer all your questions about registration for the export of any goods from Turkey, import-export operations, and will accompany you to the transactions concluded to their final result.
Turkey, as a member of the World Trade Organization, has free trade agreements with dozens of countries around the world. External trade turnover of the country grows every year. There are several free trade zones with simplified customs regime. Foreign trade legislation is being constantly improved. Turkish industry manufactures products of European quality at prices lower than European, that attracts the world's importers. An impressive piece of goods produced in Turkey such as building materials, minerals, chemicals, textiles, food products, etc., is exported to the countries in Europe and Asia. Turkey imports from abroad mostly raw materials, fuel, machinery and equipment, technology, wood, coal, cosmetics and some food.
The search of trading partners and support of import-export operations are the main spheres of activity of our company. For several years we have helped many individuals and legal entities to organize imports from Turkey and export to Turkey of all sorts of goods, ranging from coal and building materials, finishing with products, cosmetic and food industries. 
Exports and imports of goods have their own characteristics that define the specifics of working and an individual approach to each client. The import from Turkey implies finding suppliers and partners, selection of goods, customs clearance, shipment, and delivery organization, registration of products, a search of buyers, and market. Exports, in its turn, is finding the buyers in Turkey, the definition of product groups, target audience, retail points of sale, full registration of all necessary export documentation, advice on legal, accounting and tax matters, assistance in negotiations and transfer.