Professional translation from-into the Turkish language

The success of any negotiations, where the participants speak different languages, mostly depends on the quality of the translation/interpretation. The complete understanding of the discussion, the achievement of mutually advantageous intermediate results, as well as creating a friendly atmosphere is especially important in the case of the negotiations with the Turks and influences significantly the final outcome of any business negotiations.

The Turks first look to the partners, so as to establish good personal contacts and mutual trust that greatly affects their business decisions.

This is due to the characteristics of culture and historical development of the nation. Unlike the Germans, for example, who appreciate the accuracy and punctuality in all, for the Turks, it is important to understand that they can trust their business partners, and they are initially set up to honest and open mutually beneficial contacts.

Interpreting is not just an automatic "conversion" of the meanings of the words. This is a whole science at the intersection of philosophy, linguistics, psychology, and sociology. So here is the professionalism and experience of the translator. Translation is a very fine, even jewelry work because this science has still not introduced absolute dogma and rules that allow for the differences in methods and results, and these differences are known and largely determined by the personality of the interpreter. Thus, a translation is a science and an art, and experience. The science of translation requires a clear knowledge of the structure and integration of the two languages. Translation is an art because it requires the artistic talent for a reconstruction of the original text in the shape of the product, which will be presentable for the parties not familiar with the original. Translation is also an experience because it provides the ability to overcome any difficulty of the language, as well as the opportunity to provide the translation equivalent in the target language. While interpreting the wealth of the vocabulary and cultural depth, the vision of the interpreter can greatly affect the outcome.

Apart from the good possession of grammar, vocabulary, when translating into the Turkish language it is extremely important to know the specifics of the national mentality and cultural traditions of Turkey. This is particularly true for the Turks, and if you demonstrate some knowledge of their culture and history, this largely wins them over. And even if you are not aware of the characteristics of a nation, a competent translator won't let them understand that without causing prejudice to the meaning and content of your speech. And even if you accidentally say the things that may seem disrespectful, a good translator counterbalances these "rough edges", slightly interpreting the text but without affecting its meaning.

There are a lot of stories about what strange things go on the translation into Turkish, when any word and expression are interpreted incorrectly, resulting in a distorted sense and comical and awkward situation. For example, there are many words in the Turkish language   that sound almost identically, but differ in writing of just one letter, so it is extremely important to understand the context of the proposal, not to say, for example, instead of using the word woman "kadin", the word the ancient "kadim". However, many such phrases in the Turkish language, replacing the single sounds, change the meaning of the expression on bearing grossly offensive sexual nature. Also, in the Turkish language, some words can be written and read exactly the same way, but have a wide range of applications, that is, the value must be chosen, depending on the specific context.

Among other things, there were accumulated quite a great number of idiomatic expressions and set phrases in every language for centuries, and the Turkish language is no exception, that verbatim is not transferable. It is important to grasp the meaning of the aphorism and translate clearly this meaning into Turkish, it would be good to supplement this brief historical aspect that people better understand the origin, and, therefore, the value of the expression. Some such lyrical digressions help overcome "dryness" of business negotiations with the Turks, temper "official" and create a comfortable psychological atmosphere in which people tend to make smart, informed and appropriate solutions. And this, too, falls on the shoulders of the interpreter.

High-quality and accurate translation in the Turkish language and from the Turkish language, while negotiating with the Turks is important for carrying out successful negotiations.

Our company offers you services of professional interpreters in the Turkish language:

  • drafting business proposals for the Turkish partners or their translation and adaptation
  • translations of presentations and technical documentation in Turkish
  • provision of the experienced translators to conduct the negotiations with the Turkish partners and for the exhibitions

Before the negotiations, our translators conduct an evaluation interview with you to explore the subject of the negotiations, and the ultimate objective of the negotiations. Together with you, our translators produce a negotiating strategy to result to reach the goals.

After talking with a professional negotiator-translator you'll be fully equipped with the knowledge on how to behave during the negotiations with the Turkish partners, of what focus on during the negotiations with Turkish partners, and what order should be avoided to increase your chances of success in the negotiations.

The services on the translation from Turkish or into the Turkish language:

  • Interpretation of the Turkish negotiations
  • The work of an interpreter at the exhibition
  • Translation of the commercial offer and its adaptation  into Turkish
  • Written translation of the technical documentation and certificates
  • Certification of the translation by a jury translator

Note: we bear material responsibility for each ordered translation before the customer.

The Turkish translation is performed in the following areas: oil and gas industry, metallurgy, food industry, measuring technology, software, medicine, business, finance, environment, advertising, legal documents, marketing and management, technical documentation, etc.

We are not responsible for the quality of the translation made by the specialists from other companies.