Help in Turkey

Sometimes in today’s world unexpected problems from which no one is insured arise. The entrepreneur who decided to open his own business abroad as well as a common person who lives abroad and becomes a victim of unpleasant circumstances may get involved in an unpleasant situation.

The specialists of our company are ready to solve the problems of its clients, provide them with accurate and timely legal support, help in the debts collection, present interests of a client in the event of disputes, consult individually each client about the models of behavior in different situations, restore the lost documents, contact the officials, providing in such a way the full support of the persons who became the victims of unpleasant situations.

Any individual or a legal person, planning to run an international business may face the problems. There are certain risks which may prevent the normal commercial activity while working with foreign partners or in one’s native country. Generally, you may solve the problems by yourself in your native country but not abroad.

The work abroad with foreign partners is somehow difficult to resolve the commercial disputes, problems with creditors and debtors, complicates the disagreements with officials as the foreigner, in general, doesn’t have complete information about the models of behavior in unexpected circumstances in the unknown environment and has no required experience of the established connections. When running an international business one may agree with the partners and mediators, find a common language, possess the information about the legislation of the country and know whom to contact in difficult situations. Anybody may face lie, unfair partners, sellers abroad, forfeit property, documents, or get ill abroad.

In some cases, one can’t do without an experienced assistant. Our company bears the functions of such an assistant. We help our clients involved in unpleasant situations in Turkey.

Nevertheless, the high level of safety in big cities there is certain risks in Turkey. The entrepreneurs may face the failure to meet commitments, payments of debts, debtor debts, problems with creditors, tax bodies, problems with live permit, financial losses etc.

The problems in Turkey may be concerned not only with the entrepreneurs but also to the common tourists, or those who moved here to live. They may face the risk of deportation or fines, some problems with the health, insurance etc.

If you are having some problems in Turkey you may contact us. We are always ready to help our clients.