Items prohibited to export from Turkey

Turkey prohibits the export of the following types of goods:

  • Cultural and natural values (Antiquities)
  • The seeds and seedlings of tobacco
  • Indian hemp
  • Firewood and charcoal
  • Angora goats
  • wild animals, with the exception of the species referred to in the list of goods which need permission to export (live and slain through the years, as well as  clothing made of the aforementioned animals, where the parts of those animals can be distinguished)
  • the plant bulbs that are prohibited to be exported
  • Date palm (cultivar "Datca»/Phoenix the ophrasti crenter)
  • Trunks, logs, lumber, timber, boards and blanks of the following tree species: walnut, mulberry, cherry, pear, Plum, yew, Elm, Linden
  • Lapin kryloplodnaâ (Pterocarya carpicifolia)
  • Liquidambar styraciflua East (Sweetgums; four species; oriental)
  • Olive tree saplings, figs, hazelnut, pistachio, earthy mushrooms, grape (cultivar "Sultani" pitted)
  • Salep (drink, infused with âtryšnike) in the form of powder, pills, or any other form of
  • Items prohibited for export by the Vienna agreement for the protection of the ozone layer, protocols, and amendments to the agreement
  • Chemical substances mentioned in list 1 of the annex to the agreement, the chemical weapons Convention (in countries that have not signed the Agreement)