Turkish market entry

The Turkish market entry is a key task for those who decided to start promoting their goods and services in Turkey.  The success of the company's sales depends directly on the successful retention and promotion on the market. Therefore, the approach to the market must be rather serious, taking into account the specificity of the market in different regions of the country, its saturation of certain goods and services, the presence of competitors, projected demand for a particular product or service, and many other factors.
Our company helped to enter the Turkish market, not to one company, among such companies we helped to there are the manufacturers of cosmetics, food and other types of consumer goods, as well as companies providing various services ranging from car hire, ending educational services and opening restaurants.
Before you enter the Turkish market, market research should be conducted to analyze the state of its segments, examine the needs of the market, become familiar with import and export, customs, tax laws, with the country's accounting system, understand the features of work of the contractors (wholesale and retail networks, tenants of premises and equipment, etc.), to develop a strategy to promote a product or service in the Turkish market, taking into account the specifics of each region. Our company with vast experience is ready to help you with each of these issues.
We are ready to carry out an analysis of the feasibility and develop a step-by-step strategy for the release of the Turkish market in documenting all phases of the work, ranging from the registration of the company in Turkey and ending with the design of the commodity transport documentation to be supplied by you or contracting for services you provide. 
We are not limited only to consulting the clients but accompany them until they evolve in the Turkish market, and are be able to solve all the current issues of the company's work and no longer need skilled care. Our specialists will be "right hand" of your company in entering the Turkish market, helping you avoid all the pitfalls of international business, and reducing your time and financial costs to a minimum.
So, if you believe that Turkey should learn about your product or service, please contact us.