Exhibitions in Turkey

Our company is ready to take on all the organization of your company's participation in specialized exhibitions in Turkey.
Participation in trade exhibitions in Turkey is a good opportunity to present your company and your goods in Turkey, find business contacts and talk with Turkish partners.
In Turkey there are many branch specialized exhibitions, so before starting to participate in the exhibition in Turkey, you must know the importance of participation in a trade show. Our specialists have an extensive experience in preparing and organizing exhibitions in Turkey and will help you to choose the exhibition which is the best to represent your company.

We are ready to provide you with the following services on the organization of participation in exhibitions in Turkey:

  • The development of the concept of the exhibition activities of the customer, including the personnel working at the stand, and during the exhibition.
  • Advice on choosing the location and size of the exhibition area 
  • Assistance in negotiating with the organizers on the reservation 
  • Help in the choice of booths designer at exhibitions in Turkey
  • Preparation of promotional materials for the stand 
  • Assistance for temporary import of the position elements of the customer's exposition into the territory of Turkey and their timely removal.
  • Hotel reservations for staff at the time of the preparation and participation in the exhibition
  • Hiring of Turkish personnel for exhibitions (interpreters, promoters, etc.)

ATTENTION: preparation for an exhibition in Turkey must be in advance and no later than 6 months from the commencement of the exhibition.