Consulting company SOVET  

"Sovet Consulting" is one of the largest consulting firms in Turkey, which specializes mainly on the realization of the large-scale investment projects. Founded in 2000 year in Antalya, the company has come a long way from the small firm supporting foreign business in Turkey to the international company, which consults investors from different countries.

The main services that are provided by "Sovet Consulting” are legal and accounting services, recruiting, marketing and custom services. But, despite a wide range of services, priority in the development of the company is the implementation and support of various investment projects on the territory of Turkey.

Over the past three years, using "Sovet Consulting" services there were implemented two major projects: built and run of the factories that manufacture the dairy products and are successfully operating in the territory of one of the organized industrial zones in Turkey. Plants produce relatively new products for Turkey: glazed curds, condensed milk, casein and sour cream.

Within any investment project, the company is ready to provide investment consulting services separately or to conclude the contract with the customer on the comprehensive support of the investment project.

In work the company's employees use the latest technology and tools, pay a lot of attention to the overall concept of the projects, and offer optimal solutions. Having a great experience in providing various services for business in Turkey, the company has certain competitive advantages: understanding the trends of modern business in Turkey, the complete understanding of situation and the adjusted business ties in Turkey, what is rather important for sustained growth of investment in the Turkish business.