Production plant of whole milk products

 Realized investment project


Capacity: 600 000 ltr/day of milk processing.

Investments volume with 50% share in the project

Purpose of attracting investments: broadening of products’ range and increasing of productive capacity.

Date of launching: September, 2014



Place of project’s realization: Karaman

Karaman (Karaman Organize Sanayi) – organized industrial zone of Turkey, which is related to the so called third group of regions for distribution of state privileges and dotation for the investment projects. According to the recent data, 20 enterprises of food and confectionary industries work on the territory of Organize Sanayi. Production of food products is included in the list of kinds of activities in this region, which has the following privileges:

  • Exemption from customs duties

  • Exemption from VAT

  • 70% tax discounts if the income tax is paid for the investments undertaken before 31.12.2013
  • Privileges while receiving the credits (4 credit points while receiving the credits in the national currency, 1 credit point while receiving the credits in the foreign currency)
  • Privileges while paying for the insurance premium for the employer (for 6 years for the investments undertaken before 31.12.2013, for 5 years for the investments undertaken after 01.01.2014)
  • Special privileged tariffing for water and energy resources

The main stages of project realization:

  • Buying the ground area by the investors for the location of the production buildings
  • Receiving investor’s passport

  • Building the plant and equipping the adjoining territories

  • Repairing works in the office complex

  • Buying of necessary equipment for the plant

  • Mounting

  • Registration of the trade mark of the enterprise

  • Receipt and packing development and registration

The building of the plant was completely assisted by the local authorities and regularly highlightened in press.


2. Base of primary products

Designed capacity: gradual broadening of manufactured products’ range

Personnel of the plant: calling in the required human resources is planned in accordance with the production schedule.

The base of primary products is situated in 300 km from the planned location and it will provide the plant with continuous supply of raw milk.

Cost of 1 ltr whole milk: depends on season – from 0,90 TL (0,45$) to 1,10 (0,55$), in the preliminary calculations the highest price is taken into account

Required annual consumption of milk: with full capacity – about 600 t of milk processing per day, it amounts around 200 000 t per year.


3. Product range

The products of the designed plant will be in the middle price segment. The main products of the designed plant will be: skimmed milk powder

  • butter

  • casein

  • condensed milk  

  • sweet glazed curd cheeses

3 more products are in development:

  • chocolate butter

  • ricotta cheese

  • boiled condensed milk

The main sale of the goods will be done via the sales department of the plant.

Brand concept is designed.

Milk powder – the main consumers are the enterprises of food industry producing ice cream, confectionary products, and infant’s formula, and located in the region of the plant’s functioning. There are more than 10 enterprises of this kind in the organized industrial zone in Karaman, in Konya (80 km) – more 50.

Butter it is planned to produce it for the needs of the food industry and for baby food plants as well as packed for the sale in huge supermarket chains and small-scale wholesale companies.

Casein plants of food and pharmaceutical industries.

Today the organization of this product mix manufacturing is considered to be profitable and strategic decision:

  • Import of food casein is quoted and is allowed only for the producers that use this product only for their own production.
  • Food casein is produced in minimal quantity, demands is rather outgrowing supply at the moment.

Condensed milk – is a new product for the Turkish market, it will be packed differently for retail sale and usage in the small-scale enterprises.

The market of the preserved milk products in Turkey is absolutely free and its volume is rather large, the country with the population of more than 70 million people and traditions of sweets consumption.

By the way the condensed milk, produced according to our technology is absolutely natural product which may become the product oriented to the young consumer in Turkey. The population of Turkey is 27% of kids at the age of not younger than 14 years, and this means that the kids confectionary products sector is developing actively at the inner market of the country.

Specialists are sure that the condensed milk with sugar will be always popular. It will depend on the quality of the primary products used and on the method of populating of this product.

Glazed curd cheeses it is planned to produce them with different fillings; this is delicious and healthy breakfast for kids and grown-ups and also the possibility to have a snack during the day at office. The realization will be made via supermarket chains and large-scale companies.

Today glazed curd cheeses are new for the market of sweets in Turkey.

Profitability and high return of the project are guaranteed in case the product is qualitative, has familiar taste, competitive price and planned marketing program.


Maximum production volumes: 2500 tons of output a month

Payback of the project: 1 year

Profit of the project: 30 million TL per year


Realization of the given project allowed creating a business growing in cost and constantly providing with a guaranteed income.

If you are interested in the given or analogues project we are ready to provide detailed calculations.


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