Investment Offer

Building of a dairy processing plant in Turkey


Investing into the building of the dairy processing plant in Turkey is rather profitable instrument as it’s one of the optimal ways of long term investment.

The given investment offer assumes the location of the production complex in the Antalya region, namely in the organized industrial zone of Turkey – Burdur. The project is profitable as several dairy processing plants have been already built there, and all necessary communications have been led to the plants, the infrastructure is developed. It gives the opportunity to cut down the sum of investments in the subsequent analogues projects.

The offered project includes the general information about the production and also gives the opportunity to build dairy processing plants: producing different dairy products, of different production capacity, of different volumes, focused on different markets.


Project's Concept

It is supposed to build the dairy processing plant with the project’s capacity of 200 t of milk per day.

  • The products of the plant will be in the middle price segment. The main products of the plant will be: sour cream, condensed milk, glazed curd cheeses, cheese, and casein.
  • It is offered to equip the plant with the equipment of the European and Turkish manufacturers.

  • Gradual broadening of manufactured products’ range.

  • Calling in the required human resources is planned in accordance with the production schedule.

  • The base of primary products is situated in 200 km from the planned location and it will provide the plant with continuous supply of raw milk.

  • The main sale of the goods will be done via the sales department of the plant.

  • The building of the plant will be completely assisted by the local authorities and regularly highlightened in press.

  • The terms of building from the moment the ground area is chosen till starting of production – 12 months.


The location of the plant

Antalya region was chosen as the location of the production plant.   

To build a plant at the territory of one of the organized industrial zones in this region, for instance, in Burdur, is considered to be useful and logical.

The organized industrial zone Burdur is built on the highway Antalya-Isparta on the specially given territory of 85 hectares, divided for 57 areas for building. 55 areas have been built up, 3 enterprises located there are dairy processing plants. For providing the organized industrial zone with the electricity the own electricity station with 10 000 kwt has been built. By the way the district is supplied with natural gas.

The main factor which influenced on the location on the territory of organized industrial zone is a privileged state program for investors.

Burdur as Turkey’s region is related to the so called third group of regions for the distribution of grants, this group includes such cities as Balıkesir, Bilecik, Burdur, Gaziantep, Karabük, Karaman, Manisa, Mersin, Samsun, Trabzon, Uşak, Zonguldak.

The production of food products is included in the list of activities which are privileged while receiving investor’s passport.

The sum of investments should amount not less than 2 000 000 TL (1 000 000 USD).


Privileges in Burdur

In case if the location of the plant is possible not just in Burdur but in the organized industrial zone of Burdur, the points of privileges increase by one point and it will be possible to use the privileges for the fourth group and that means:

  • Exemption from customs duties during import of equipment and primary materials for the plant.

  • Exemption from VAT when buying equipment and primary materials for the plant.

  • 60% tax discounts for the investments undertaken before 01.01.2014.

  • Providing the ground area.

  • Privileges while receiving the credits (4 credit points while receiving the credits in the national currency, 1 credit point while receiving the credits in the foreign currency).

  • Privileges when paying for the insurance premium for the employer (for 5 years for the investments undertaken after 01.01.2014).


Services in the orgonized industrial zone

  • Roads – asphalt of the 1-st class to the graound area.

  • Water supply – supply of water for drinking, pressure – 4-6 bar, 180 ltr/sec.

  • Electricity supply – from 400 kwt for each area.

  • Natural gas supply – supply of natural gas via PE pipes 4 bars each, via steel pipes 16 bars at the boundaries of each area.

  • Sewerage – concrete pipes diameter 200-600 mm at the boundaries of each area.

  • Rain water collection and supply – at the boundaries of each area.

  • Telephone communications – telephone lines installation in the amount needed to the enterprise.

By the way, in case the enterprise is located at the territory of the organized industrial zone of Burdur the administration of the organized industrial zone gives a special privileged tariffing for water and energy resources. Also when obtaining the land at the territory of such districts the administration of the organized industrial zone covers all the expenses for communications and roads.

Burdur is related to the regions of special privileges in stock-raising sector; and state dotation for 1 liter of milk amounts 0,06 TL, in other regions this number doesn’t exceed 0,03 TL, this gives the additional sum of economy for the primary materials which amounts around 500 000 TL per month.


Information provided within the frames of the investment project

We may provide the following data and calculations concerning the following:

  • Primary materials

  • Transport

  • Total number of livestock

  • Quota of the milk produced

  • Characteristics of the main players of this market in Turkey

  • Products planned to be produced

  • Main ways of marketing strategy

  • Sales stimulating

We are ready to provide the participants interested in the project with the corresponding plans and materials about the structure of investments, expenses and legislative basis.


Payback of the plant with the capacity of 3 t/day – around 14 months from the date of launching.

Payback of the plant with the capacity of 10 t/day – around 4 months from the date of launching.


If you have questions regarding the investments call please: +90 541 408 6107