Standard scheme of investment consulting from “SOVET”


  1. Client’s request processing (via telephone, website chat, during the visit to the office in Antalya or Istanbul), determining the key needs of the clients in the sphere of investing in Turkey.

  2. Presentation of the preliminary information regarding the client’s request.

  3. Helping the client in forming of the basic meanings about business running, legislative basis and other principles in the business sphere in Turkey.

  4. Answers to the additional questions which may arise in the process of discussing the projects which the client plans to run.

  5. Providing with the information with the help of which the client may see all the advantages and disadvantages of investing into one or another project and information about the possible risks related to this.

  6. The choice of the services required at the first stage of the investment project realization: business plan and development strategy composition, company registration, the selection of managing and working personnel.

  7. Composition of the commercial offer for the providing of services to the client, the agreement of conditions, terms and cost of services.

  8. Investment consulting agreement signing.

  9. Providing the client with all services mentioned in the agreement, the choice of methods, ways and instruments of investing.

  10. After finishing the work the composition of the report about the works done.


If the client desires he may sign the contract for the complex assistance of the project up to the very launching: conclusion of the contract for the unlimited consulting which may include financial, legal, customs consulting and other services required for the project’s starting.


NB Services may vary depending on the kinds and sphere of firm’s activity and also on the scale of the investment project itself.