Our services

Each kind of business is specific and has its own character. Each business may be improved and developed in a required way. Consulting company “Sovet Consulting” offers a full range of services for the businessmen from other countries in Turkey. In view of the wide specialization, our experts are also ready to customize their services to the needs of one single client. Our company is constantly optimizing its services and devoting much time for developing the best strategies.

Today the qualified specialists of the consulting company “SOVET” provide the following main services:

  • Services related to the business start in Turkey, which include: consulting on the main aspects of business in this country, the choice of organization and legal form of the company, the preparation of the complete package of documents in accordance with the legislation, translation/interpretation services etc.
  • Legal services: legal support of business, support of import-export bargains, advocate services, representing in courts etc.
  • Management consulting, personnel selection, staff audit, personnel management systems development.
  • Accounting services: complex accounting, contract accounting.
  • Customs services in Turkey.
  • A broad range of marketing services: marketing research, sales market development and search, analysis of goods and services competitiveness at the Turkish market.


To use our services or get a consultation, email us: info@infoturk.biz +90 541 408 6107