Opening your own business abroad

By force of the arisen crisis in different countries, many businessmen prefer starting or buying a business abroad. This step is conditioned not only by the economic situation in the world but also by a range of advantages of business in other countries: preferential conditions for foreigners, state programs for entrepreneurs, well-established bureaucratic procedures, the opportunity of registration of permanent residence, favorable investment climate.

There is a certain sequence of steps when opening a business abroad:

  1. The most important are to choose the country, the sphere of activity and legal form of the company. Choosing the activity you should get to know about different existing ideas for business: real estate purchase, hotel opening, goods and services sale, investing into the projects etc.
  2. After choosing the country you should learn the legal basis, conditions of working and paying the taxes.
  3. One more important step is to learn the goods and services market, planning the strategy of developing your business with minimal investments, marketing research, analysis of the competitiveness of goods and services, creating the potential clients data.
  4. Personnel selection and building business processes of the company according to the desired final result of the organizational activity of the company.

We have listed the main moments you should pay special attention to; there are a lot of other things which are difficult to understand alone. That’s why many businessmen contact the specialists for help and consulting. Visiting such specialists helps to decrease the costs and time for learning the laws and registration all the documents for opening the business abroad. As usual consulting companies helping businessmen to start a business in another country offer also a wide range of services which are necessary later, for business assistance: legal, accounting services, management and audit of employees and other.


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