Bookkeeping in Turkey

Bookkeeping in Turkey may be managed only by the bookkeeper with a license. Usually, only big companies may employee such specialists, small-scale business enterprises outsource the bookkeepers.

More often the enterprises contact the professionals, audit firms for getting help in accounting, this helps to reduce costs and invest them in business development. The perfect option is to conclude an agreement on bookkeeping services on a scheduled basis. The advantage of such kind of service is the reduction of costs, qualitative work and help, passing the liability for bookkeeping to the company you partner with.

Bookkeeping services package

“SOVET” consulting company offers a bookkeeping services package in Turkey on a regular basis. Find below the list of the following services included in the package:

  • Primary accounting documents drawing up
  • Accounting in Turkey
  • Bookkeeping and tax reports in Turkey
  • Informing the client about a number of fiscal charges
  • Account journals
  • Extended trial balances formation
  • Fiscal accounting in Turkey
  • Reporting
  • Books storage
  • Consulting assistance of complicated operations (purchase of business, obtaining of credit, investment resources engaging, equipment leasing)
  • Tax planning and tax consulting. Development of the measures of taxes decreases  in accordance with the legislation in Turkey.
  • Tax disputes. Preparation of the motivated arguments and appeal of fiscal audit acts in courts.
  • Consulting during the conclusion of agreements in the view of payment conditions.

We offer the complete package of services of bookkeeping in Turkey: at any directions and kinds of activity, with any scope of work, for any kind of ownership, and guarantee the professional approach to work.

Fee: bookkeeping services in Turkey – from 125 EUR/month

Independent audit of your bookkeeper’s work in Turkey

If you have already chosen the bookkeeper in Turkey and you are not satisfied with his work then we are ready to audit independently this bookkeeper and assist you in passing all the documents of your company to our bookkeepers.

Fee: the cost of the independent audit is agreed and depends on the kind of activity and age of your company in Turkey.


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