Firm Registration

Choice of the organization form of enterprises in Turkey

The list of services provided for the foreign companies and physical persons that intend to open or register a company at the territory of Turkey:

  • Accreditation of the foreign company’s branch
  • Registration of the foreign companies branches
  • Registration of organizations which are Turkish economic entities in the form of LLC and joint stock companies (open or closed) with 100% or foreign partnership interest
  • Preparing a complete set of documents in accordance with law, with translations into Russian or other foreign languages and notary certification of the necessary number of copies.

Note: all juridical persons that are registered in the territory of Turkey with the involvement of the foreign citizens have the same rights and obligations as those juridical persons that are Turkish citizens except the branches.

Registration of firm in Turkey from the consulting company “SOVET” includes:

  • Consulting in choosing the organization form of the enterprise and servicing bank
  • Development of decision of founders composition, statute, and manifestum to the Chamber of Commerce and preparing the application for the registration of the juridical person
  • Registration and tax registration, including in the Chamber of Commerce, together with preparing a complete set of necessary documents and receiving the certificate of the corresponding form, registration in all funds (pension, social and medical insurance)
  • Help in renting the office or giving the juridical address and phone number
  • Registration of stamp and signature of the general director of the company
  • Preparing the documents for opening the accounts of all kinds in banks which are situated in the territory of Turkey
  • Preparing of the complete set of documents and registration of any changes and additions made in the founders’ documents of the organizations and companies which are registered in the territory of Turkey and their tax registration and registration in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Search and purchase of the juridical persons in Turkey

We grant guarantees at all stages of work concerning the process of registration or purchasing the juridical persons in Turkey.   

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