Forms of companies

Let us present to you a comparative analysis of 3 the most popular types of organization forms of companies founded in Turkey by foreigners.

This table contains a comparison of differences between the joint stock company, LLC and a branch in Turkey.


Joint Stock Company


Branch of the foreign company in Turkey

Legal status

Separate juridical entity

Separate juridical entity

Depending from the foreign juridical entity

Tax status

Full taxation (resident)

Full taxation (resident)

Partial taxation (nonresident)

Number of shareholders

Min.: 1; max.: unlimited

Min.: 1; max.: 50


Demands for the capital

Min. capital: 50 000 TL

Min. capital: 10 000 TL (min. share of capital for one shareholder: 50 TL)

No special limits

Managing body

Board of directors

Managing partners

Director of the branch

Responsibility of the shareholders for the taxes and expenses

Depending on the amount of the paid authorized capital

Depending on the percentage share in the capital

Managing company bears responsibility

Corporate tax rate




Deductible dividend (rates)

15% (if the income is divided)

15% (if the income is divided)

15% (if the incomes  are transferred)

Reserved fund



Not applicable


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