Import and export in Turkey – markets

We offer you a possibility to develop your business or to get a new market for your products sale by means of integrating into the economic environment of Turkey.

The Turkish economy is the sixth in Europe. It’s in no small measure the merit of the present government, which has taken serious actions to create a profitable economic climate in Turkey and engaged the investments to the country.

Why is the Turkish market so attractive for foreigners?

Business in Turkey has a range of indisputable advantages:

  1. A foreign businessman has equal rights as Turkish businessmen.
  2. A present bureaucratic system works predictably and effectively.
  3. It’s beneficial to do business in the way it’s supposed to be handled.
  4. There are several serious governmental programs to assist a foreign investor.
  5. There are as well work programs to support small-scale business enterprises.
  6. Investor’s passport processing.


There are special investment zones created by the government as the additional measures to stimulate business and investments. Each zone has its own peculiarity and advantages.

As the benefits to support business a state provides the following:

  1. Exemption from the customs taxes.
  2. Exemption from the VAT for equipment.
  3. Simplified borrowings at the state’s budget cost.

Business or branch of the company starts in Turkey

How can one open a business in Turkey? We recommend you much to contact us in order to solve all the questions fast and rightly. Turkish economy and the bureaucratic system have a range of peculiarities which may make your life complicated and make the idea of business opening dead. That’s why we offer you to get acquainted with the main services which we provide to people who are going to start a business in Turkey or to broaden the sales markets in Turkey.


Find below the main stages of our work:

  1. Research of the market for the planned goods delivery to Turkey. Selection, extraction and analysis of the primary reliable information for the preparation of the next organizational actions to create a sales market for the goods in accordance with the Turkish legislation, a written report for the client. The period of services – 30 days from the moment the 50% advance payment is paid.
  2. Company registration, office organization. Registration of the customer’s business entity in the capital of Turkey (Istanbul) in accordance with the legislation. Receiving the documents confirming the entity’s registration. Bank accounts opening and bank cards issuing. The period – 10 days from the moment the 50% advance payment is paid.
  3. Customs consulting services concerning the goods import to Turkey. Information about the terms of import, mark-up, requirement to the products, products certification rules etc.

The above-mentioned services may be provided as by stages as well in a parallel way. Among with the market research service we analyze the consumer demand by means of Internet marketing.


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