Special investment zones in Turkey

  1. Zones of technological development, such special investment zones are created in different cities of Turkey, according to the state program, it is planned to open 39 technical parks, and 27 work today already. One of them, for instance, is situated in Antalya. Here are all the conditions for R&D activity support and investments into high technologies.
  2. Organized industrial zones – special industrial unions which consist of hundreds small and middle-scale business entities which work in the certain territory. There are special privileges in taxation, crediting, a cost of energy resources and other facilities in these territories. There are 148 such zones working now.
  3. Free zones are specially allocated territories outside the customs zone, in Turkey. These zones are created for the export-oriented investments increase. Common administrative norms and rules act here partially or don’t work at all. Now 19 such zones work, and all of them are situated close to the ports with free international trade entry barriers.

Nowadays there are more than 15 000 enterprises in Turkey with the foreign capital. Here are such great players of world market as Japanese “Toyota’’, “Honda”, American “Ford”, “P&G”, “Philip Morris”, French “Renault”, “Cement Francaise”, German “Bosch”, “Mercedes”, “Siemens”, Italian “Pirelli”, “Fiat” etc. These companies are only a small part of foreign firms and individual investors, which have taken on the decision to use a favorable climate of Turkey.


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