Judicial System

Judicial system of Turkey consists of common court of law; specialized criminal courts; military courts; constitutional court – the superior national court; and three other superior courts.

Court of review hears the treatments on the criminal offences.

State Council hears the treatments on administrative offences or occasions between state institutions, and audit court inspects the state institutions.

The majority of cases were reviewed in the common courts of law, including civil, administrative and criminal courts.

2004 a Parliament adopted the establishment of regional appeal courts to make the work of superior courts of Turkey easier and allow judicial system work more effective.


A Turkish judicial system doesn’t confer the concept of juries. The verdict of the judge or panel of judges must be grounded on the law principles and conviction. Judges in Turkey are the graduates from the juridical higher educational establishments and are divided for: criminal judge (wears a red collar) and civil judge (wears green collar), administrative judge (wears light brown collar).

Criminal judge in Turkey works in criminal court. These courts are divided into the mobile courts, criminal court of first instance and criminal world court.

Civil judge in Turkey works in the civil courts of first instance or in the civil world courts. Administrative courts in turkey work in administrative courts. 


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