Legal Services

Legal support of business and legal consulting in Turkey

Along with investments and foreign business appearance in Turkey, the legal services of different kinds have become as popular as never before.

Legal questions to be settled arise in the process of any kind of business. Contract legal services offer the possibility to settle these problems with the help of legal services on a scheduled basis.

Our team of lawyers has a pool of experience in providing such services to the big companies that have their own legal department as well as to the small private firms that don’t have their own lawyer in staff. Complex legal business support has a range of advantages: cost reduction of taxes, increase of budget effectiveness and predictability.

During its historical development, the Turkish legislation had been constantly changing. Turkish law has the roots of Roman and German law family. This country inherited much from the Swiss, French and German law. Due to the planned integration into the European Union, the law base of Turkey is corrected in accordance with the legislative acts passed in the EU countries; that’s why it’s difficult for one lawyer or advocate to keep track of all recent changes.

Any foreign company which has already a business or plans to open it in Turkey should definitely consult a lawyer on the matters concerning the legal terrain of the country. That’s why the legal business support of the investing company should be handled by the professional team of lawyers where each member is specialized in his own sphere.

Legal help in matters connected with the business in Turkey. Reliable legal defense.

Our company provides the following legal services:

  • Work permit and residence permit for the founders and foreign workers of the organization.
  • Licenses, certificates, import permits in Turkey.
  • Licenses, certificates and permits for various kinds of activity in Turkey
  • Contract constitution and legal analysis in Turkey
  • Legal support of bargains in Turkey
  • Legal consulting in Turkey
  • Legal services of debit debt enforcement
  • Clients’ interests defense during the tax debates
  • Representation and defense in courts of arbitration and international courts
  • Services of a judgment enforcement
  • Defense during the audits



N.B.: the cost of the lawyer’s services is 50 euro/h. It’s also possible to sign a contract for the legal services within the territory of Turkey. The cost depends on the scope of services provided.

The first legal consulting and documents consideration is free.


To use our services or get a consultation, email us: or call: +90 541 408 6107