Legal support of import/export in Turkey

Legal consulting and legal help with business run with import and export partners in Turkey include:

  • Drawing up and law analysis of import/export contracts in Turkey
  • Legal support of import/export deals
  • Sale/purchase support in Turkey including branch
  • Sale/purchase deals patronage from/to the boundary of Turkey  including safe conduct of the freight
  • Review of the covering and payment papers
  • Control of the accordance of the contracts
  • Certification of the goods and permits for importing the product to Turkey
  •  Help in collecting the primary documents for the certification of the Turkish goods for exporting to Russia and Ukraine.
  • Arbitrage in Turkey regarding import/export deals


The cost of the services is agreed. It’s possible to subscribe to the services to your artificial person.


To use our services or get a consultation, email us: or call: +90 541 408 6107