Marketing research

Success and efficiency of each business development depend on how fully the goods or services of the company satisfy the needs of the customers.

When planning to start a business in Turkey all marketing research should be held to determine the possibility of reaching the aims and to study the competitiveness of the future enterprise at the Turkish market.

One of the main tasks of the marketing department of the consulting company “SOVET” is the study of demand and existing preferences and likes of the customers as well as the study of all aspects of one or another business environment.

Our marketers use up-to-date methods of marketing research what helps to get the real and reliable data. For instance, we use the analysis of open information, telemarketing and questioning.

List of marketing services in Turkey

  • Turkish market references
  • Quality and quantity research in Turkey
  • Research, analysis and evaluation of the market perspectives and projection of the Turkish markets development
  • Market segmentation 
  • Marketing ensuring of new goods and services development in Turkey
  • Research of the competitors’ activity
  • Turkish market prices monitoring
  • Study of fraud pattern
  • Forming of the range of company’s goods, naming
  • Company’s pricing policy forming
  • Media plan and marketing programs development
  • Goods and services positioning in Turkey


Information acquisition and processing, marketing information analysis within Turkey allow the companies to develop the strategy in working with Turkish partners.

Fee for the marketing services in Turkey is agreed. Work is handled after the filling in the client’s questionnaire. 


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