The Prosecutor's Office

Public accusations in Turkey are made by prosecutors. Their full name is public prosecutors. They work in the main Office of public prosecutor of Turkey and are divided into categories on their legitimate competence similar to judges.

The Supreme Council of judges and public prosecutors deals with administrative matters concerning administrative judges and other courts, as well as issues regarding public prosecutors who are not members of the Court of Cassation or the Council of State.

Turkish Minister of Justice serves as Chairman of the Supreme Council, consisting of seven members, and the Office of the Ministry of Justice also serves as the Council. The Supreme Council selects judges and prosecutors for the Supreme courts and is responsible for the supervision of subordinate courts. The Supreme Council is located in the Ministry of Justice and does not have its own budget. While the Constitution guarantees employment on terms in Office, the Supreme Council regulates the performance of judges and prosecutors through appointments, transfers, promotions, discipline, and other mechanisms.

Appointment to the post of judge or prosecutor in Turkey

The Supreme Council of judges and public prosecutors of Turkey is engaged in the appointment of judges and public prosecutors, judicial institutions and administrative courts on the post, appointment, transfer to other posts, temporary delegation of authority, promotion in the first category, the distribution of posts, in relation to persons whose professional activity further more inappropriate; disciplining and removal from Office. Directorate General for personnel of the Ministry of Justice works as the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of judges and public prosecutors.


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