Recruiting and personnel management in Turkey

Business, as well as medicine, has no recipes which perfectly fit everybody.

Each company is unique and that’s why it needs a unique approach.  In addition to the accounting, audit, legal services a consulting company “SOVET” specializes in the adaptation of the standard management instruments and personnel evaluation to the peculiarities of each company, chooses the most economic options in the view of material and time resources.

Our specialists will help you to make the right steps towards the regular management, to retain the spirit of the company without the cumbersome procedure. The main point of regular management is a planned system of personnel management with the established rules for the workers in the continuing processes.  Due to the systematization and work regimen in accordance with the rules, the HR manager gets more free time for work productivity increase.

Management consulting from “SOVET”

During the management consulting the specialists of “SOVET” audit the personnel, reveal the optimal proportions between the managerial and other staff, analyze the effectiveness of HR management system. This kind of consulting helps to settle a lot of questions connected with the liability, staff selection for the managerial vacancies, build the development perspectives for each employee in particular and for the whole staff in general.

  HR consulting offers:

  •  The increase of the personnel motivation system effectiveness by means of its optimization with regard to the individual peculiarities of the company and needs of the employees;
  • The formation of the corporate culture of the enterprise by means of analysis of the existing traditions, rules, norms at the firm;
  • Staff potential evaluation by means of the diagnostics of the individual psychological characteristics of employees and groups;
  • Personnel management system effectiveness increase by means of the revealing the problematic zones and values.


On the received information basis the specialists develop the events for improving the system of records management and personnel management.


Turnkey staff management systems in Turkey

1. Employees selection and adaptation:

  • Staff quantity planning system
  • Personnel selection, recruiting, outsourcing system
  • Young specialists engaging system
  • Employees adaptation process

2. Certification of employees

  • Professional certification
  • Personal certification

3. Motivation of employees

  • Work effectiveness management system
  • Key effectiveness indicators definition for each position and department
  • Nonmaterial system of stimulation

4. Human Resources reserve and rotation

5. Learning and development

  • System of learning and qualification increase
  • Corporate university creation

6. Corporate culture and inner communications


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