Stamp duty

Stamp duty is an indirect tax, which is applied to a wide range of documents, including, but not limited to, contracts, agreements, promissory notes, letters of credit and letters of guarantee, financial statements, and payroll.
Stamp duty is charged in Turkey as a percentage of the value specified in the document, ranging from 0.15% to 0.75%. The law provides that each party is responsible for paying the total amount of stamp duty on agreements. Every single original document is a separate entity for the calculation of the amount of the stamp duty for him.

The size of stamp duty may not exceed 1 136 904.10 TL (data valid for 2009).

The main benefits of paying stamp duty in Turkey

  • Documents prepared for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions, acquisition of shares and the division of companies in accordance with the provisions of the law on corporate tax are exempt from stamp duty.
  • Bank letters of guarantee and credit agreements with banks and similar financial institutions, including non-residents of Turkey.
  • Term and options contracts entered into with banks, including non-residents of Turkey.
  • Contracts for the sale of real estate and the contractual obligations under the sales attributable to the portfolio of real estate Mortgage Investment Trusts (REITS).
  • Contracts for facilities of the stock market, financial transactions housing institutions housing and securities transactions, secured assets and collateral real estate of such institutions.
  • Transactions in securities, real estate and mortgage assets secured mortgage financing companies and funds for financing housing.
  • All kinds of applications (adoption for payment, payment guarantee, etc.) on conventional and transferable promissory notes shall be exempt from stamp duty.

The Declaration and payment of stamp duty in Turkey

  • Declaration on the stamp duty is filled and served on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly report on the stamp duty must be provided by the Tax Office of Turkey before the end of the 23 day of the following month.
  • Payment deadline: 23 until the end of the day of the next month (excluding stamp duty on the payroll, which is paid till the 26th day of the next month).


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