Starting a business in Turkey

Usually, when opening a company in Turkey businessmen meet such difficulties as the language barrier, the lack of knowledge concerning the inner goods and services market, but it’s only the iceberg’s peak. The biggest problems are much deeper: it’s difficult to build a business not knowing the legislation in Turkey, tax system, customs relations between Turkey and other countries.

There are several options to start a business in Turkey, each has its advantages and disadvantages:

1. To open a branch of a company. This option has few advantages, among the main disadvantages – the currency control, double taxation and a long complicated procedure of registration which takes much money for the translators, lawyers and notaries search and work. But this of business management is chosen by huge holdings and companies dealing with import and export.

2. To open your own firm. In this case, the control under the company’s business is completely in owner’s hands. But this variant is difficult for those who have no sense of Turkish business system peculiarities. Business consulting firms in Turkey will facilitate much the procedure of company registration and advise you on tax, legal and bank peculiarities in this country.

There are several general pieces of advice which will help you in opening a business in Turkey:

  • Before starting a business consult well-informed people on the Turkish business peculiarities
  • Any business relations should be confirmed by the contract.
  • Remember about the differences in the mentalities of your country and Turkey.

Nowadays a Turkish business is rapidly changing towards the European style of management. A new generation of loyal businessmen develops and this is the best moment for starting your own business in Turkey.


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