Turkish tax system

Every entrepreneur or investor is faced with the necessity of paying taxes to the state.

At the opening of any legal entity in every country of the world, one of the main objectives of the entrepreneur is the analysis of local tax system, an assessment of its appropriateness for profitable activities of the company, registration in tax bodies of the country, a study of the types and order of payment of mandatory taxes.

Legislative base in Turkey is as close as possible to the European model, respectively, and the tax system is almost identical to the tax systems of the countries of Europe. There are income taxes, tax on profits of enterprises and organizations, value-added tax, real estate tax, inheritance tax or gift tax property, excise, customs fees, and other payments.

In addition to the state, in Turkey, there are also municipal taxes, such as income tax, tax on advertising and show tax, consumer tax on gas and electricity, tax on fire insurance, tax on environmental purification, brokerage commission, the fee for the construction of buildings, etc.

Taxes in Turkey are classified also for the direct and indirect: to indirect refers, for example, vehicle tax, banking and insurance operations.

In general, the Turkish tax system has many similarities with the Russian but has its own territorial features. In addition, there are various tax breaks for investors, in some cases, banks loans, and State-full or partial tax exemption for different time periods. Turkey has several free trade zones, where the "green corridor" for investors provides preferential tax treatment. Thus, the State contributes to the intensive development of the economy.

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